Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Johann Jacobs (1869-1958)

Johann Jacobs was born in a rural community outside Bremen, Germany. In 1895, he established Jacobs Kaffee, which was to become one of Europe's leading coffee companies.

Jacobs had opened a small coffee shop began selling coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate and biscuit.  Then he started roasting his own coffee. The name Jacobs soon became synonymous with coffee throughout most of Europe.

In 1930 his nephew, Walther Jacobs, joined the firm, fresh from the United States, where he had learned the value of advertisement.

With aggressive salesmanship, slick packaging and slogans such as ‘Jacobs Kaffee – satisfaction Down to the Last Bean’ the company expanded during Hitler’s Third Reich.

Jacobs Kaffee merges with Suchard-Tobler for form Jacobs Suchard in Europe in 1982.
Johann Jacobs (1869-1958)

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