Monday, April 17, 2017

Jim Clark of Netscape

Jim Clark was born in Plainview, Texas, in 1944. When he was fourteen, Jim’s mother, Hazel divorced his father.

Hazel recognized very early that Jim was bought. At the age of four, he was able to memorize very long nursery rhymes. He was suspended from high school ‘for antics such as sneaking in whiskey on a band trip’ but eventually earned a master’s degree in physics from Louisiana State University (1971) and a doctorate in computer science from the University of Utah (1974).
 Jim Clark was the founder of Silicon Graphics in 1982, a company that specialized in high performance computing. In 1994, he left the company. Jim Clark and Marc Andreessen founded an Internet company called Mosaic Communications Corporation in mid-1994.

It didn’t take long for them to create a new product which they called Netscape. Clark developed a pricing structure. Nescafe Navigator 1.0 was launched in December 1994, and at that time there was no real competition in the browser market.

When Jim Clark decided to take Netscape public just 18 months after forming the company on 1994, despite it having no profits and no revenue to speak of, he rewrote the laws of capitalist. He was the first new economy entrepreneur to show that a company’s potential for massive growth was more critical factor in its value than the need to show real or imminent profits.
Jim Clark of Netscape
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