Thursday, November 12, 2015

Evan Williams: internet entrepreneur

Evan Williams was born on March 31, 1972. He spent his early life in Clarks, Nebraska. He also pursued his studies at the University of Nebraska,

Evan Williams is an American entrepreneur known for his two top websites he has developed which are blogger and Twitter.

Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan founded Pyra Labs in January 1999. Originally, Pyra intended to build a web-based project management tool that would enable geographically distributed project members to manage and coordinate work.

William developed blogger to manage his personal weblog, and it quickly became an important mechanism for sharing ideas internally at Pyra. He had written some software for his personal weblog that automated the task of posting entries to a blog. On August 23, 1999 Blogger was launched.

Once launched publicly, Blogger grew rapidly and Pyra Labs decided to focus on it full-time. By 2003, Blogger has one million registered. That attracted the attention of Google, who made Pyra their first acquisition in February 2003.

The acquisition allowed premium features (for which Pyra had charged) to become free. Williams left Google in 2004 to cofound a podcasting company called Odeo.
Evan Williams: internet entrepreneur 

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