Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rupert Murdoch

Born Keith Rupert Murdoch on March 11, 1931 on a farm thirty miles south of Melbourne, Australia, he was the second child and the only boy in a line of four children.

The family property was called Cruden Farm after the Scottish village for which both parents’ families has emigrated. Keith Rupert Murdoch was the name sake of both his father, Keith Murdoch, and his maternal grandfather, Rupert Greene, who was only slightly older than his son-in-law.

On his father’s death in 1952, Rupert inherited the major part of his father’s estate. In 1962, Murdoch visited the United States. He was deeply impressed by the country and its influence on the world. He was also impressed by its newspapers and wondered about the possibility of one day expanding into the United States.

Murdoch has been living in the United States for more than a decade when he decided to become a US citizen.

He owned media companies around the world, including Australia, England, Hong Kong and the United States. Murdoch mages his empire from his eighth-floor office in the heart of New York City. The building that houses Murdoch’s company, News Corp, towers 45 stories in the midst of 19 high rises called Rockefeller Center.
Rupert Murdoch

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