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Joseph Terry of York

In 1823, Joseph Terry joined the business, Bayldon and Berry confectionery. The company was opened in 1767 by William Bayldon and Robert Berry selling a range of sweets.

William Bayldon soon left the business and Robert Beery died, leaving Terry to run the firm which later renamed Terry’s – along with Berry’s son George, from premises in St Helen’s Square.

With the arrival of the railways, Joseph Terry was soon selling to customers in more than seventy-five towns across the Midlands and the north of England.

To meet rising demand, he moved his manufacturer in 1862, to a larger site just outside the city walls.

In 1886, Joseph Terry Jr. turned his father’s thriving confectionary business toward chocolate. After World War I, his sons joined the business. Terry’s of York was soon beloved for its Chocolate Orange and All Gold chocolate.

The Terry made a point of finding quality beans; they bought a Venezuelan planation to ensure a supply.

The catering giant, Forte, bought Terry’s in 1963, followed by Colgate-Palmolive, Untied Biscuits acquired the company in 1975. Terrys was acquired by food giant Kraft in 1993 and left York for good in 2005 after gradually winding down business in the city.
Joseph Terry of York

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