Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Edward Robinson Squibb

Edward Robinson Squibb (July 4, 1819 – October 25, 1900) devoted his career to the struggle for purity and consistency in medicines. He was born on 4 July 1819, in Wilmington, Delaware, to James Squibb and Catherine Harrison Bonsall Squibb, who were devout Quakers.

Edward Robinson Squibb
In 1842 Squibb fulfilled his dram of studying medicine, entering Jefferson Medical College. He emerged three years later with an MD. In 1847 Squib became an assistant surgeon with the US Navy. After several years Squib decided to leave nary for private industry.

He formed a pharmaceutical company on Furman Street after witnessing firsthand the poor quality of available drugs while a Brooklyn Navy Yard medical officer. The US army had indicated that it would order the bulk of its drugs from him one he was open for business.

He dedicated Squibb to the production of ‘consistently pure medicines’ a cause that claimed his lifelong interest.

Only two years later he developed the first reliable ether for anesthesia, which the Union Army employed during the Civil War. The company enjoyed respectable growth and the company expanded into South America and Europe.
Edward Robinson Squibb
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